My name is Tiffany Becker and I would like to share my story with you.

Twenty years ago, as a young girl, my permanent front tooth was lost in a traumatic injury. I grew up being the girl with no front tooth. I was ridiculed and called many names. When I was 14 years old, my front tooth was replaced with a removable appliance called a “flipper”.

I then became the girl with the “fake tooth”, and was told on a daily basis, “Hey Tiffany, flip your tooth out”. I endured constant embarrassment through high school from comments about how my tooth looked and fit.

Finally, at age 24, I began a long process of replacing my tooth. It started with a visit to my general dentist. Without a definitive plan, I was sent to an oral surgeon and underwent lengthy surgical treatment that included bone grafting and placement of a single dental implant. Many months passed before my dentist was able to make a tooth. I was so excited on the day my tooth was to be placed, because this was going to be the end of a long and embarrassing ordeal. My dentist completed his procedure then handed me a mirror to “check it out”. I was mortified. The tooth was too short, too thin, to small, too flared, and the wrong color. IT WAS HORRIBLE! I left my dentist’s office upset, crying and asking myself, “what now?” My dentist subsequently recommended that I see an Orthodontist.                                                                                        Was this the solution to my problem?

Again, without a definitive plan, I started orthodontic treatment. I spent several thousands of dollars and two years in conservative orthodontic treatment to no avail. My smile actually became much worse! My orthodontist then said, “Honey, what you need is a Prosthodontist”. He recommended that I see Dr. LoCascio because he was “the best in the world”, however I was told that I needed to discuss this with my current dentist.

Instead of immediately sending me to a Prosthodontist, I was told by my dentist that I needed to see another kind of dental specialist. So off I went. Following a routine dental exam, this new dentist told me the only thing that I could do was to call 1-800 GOD because I would never get the result I was looking for. He did, however, agree with my Orthodontist, that I consult with Dr. Steven LoCascio.

Now here comes the good part. I arrived at East Tennessee Prosthodontics for my initial visit, a bit nervous and very defensive because of my previous experiences. I didn’t know what to expect. However, Dr. LoCascio’s office staff met me with encouraging attitudes and a compassionate demeanor. They were all so professional. I used them as my sounding board, my support team and my punching bag because of previous failed treatments. They were everything I needed. Only one question remained. Did this team hold the key to my dream smile?

My initial meeting with Dr. LoCascio was what I like to call our Niptuck session. He asked me, “Mrs. Becker, please tell me what you don’t like about your smile and everything that you hope to accomplish”. Wow, so simple yet so important. No previous dentist ever took the time to ask me those critical questions. So there I went. I hate this, that, and the other. Dr. LoCascio pointed out a number of other problems that neither I nor any other dentist had noticed. He finally, formulated a detailed roadmap to give me a predictable result. I must be honest, the recommended treatment wasn’t easy and not every part has been fun, but from start to finish he and his entire team have been with me every step of the way. They created a smile that I show every chance I get. I walk through stores grinning and saying hello to random people. I smile in the shower and grin while brushing my teeth. I never stop showing my pearly whites. Not only did he give me what I asked for, he gave me so much more. He gave me my life back. As a result of his talents, the young girl that always hid because of a missing tooth was transformed into a mature woman with a healthy and beautiful smile. To say thank you would never be enough. Would I do it all over again? You bet I would. Going to Dr. LoCascio was the best thing I have ever done. My smile is like a VISA commercial…..PRICELESS! If you want to see my photos just ask Dr. LoCascio. You will never believe what you will see.

In closing, as I sit here in tears, thank you Dr LoCascio for giving me my life back and giving me the ability to smile with confidence. I will forever thank God for giving you your amazing talents.

Tiffany A. Becker, Crossville, TN



By the time I met Dr. LoCascio in January of 2007 I was at the end of my rope. I have a complicated dental history that started over 30 years ago. I had jaw surgery in an attempt to remedy a very poor “bite” that never responded to braces. Many treatments and complications followed including pain, infections, root canals, crowns, partial dentures, etc. Eventually, I lost all of my upper teeth and needed a complete upper denture. In addition, I was in a losing battle trying to save my lower teeth. My local dentist recommended and performed treatments that quickly failed. I was in a miserable mess. I found a new local dentist who, thankfully, had the wisdom to refer me to Dr. Steven LoCascio, a Prosthodontist. I immediately realized I was in safe hands when I experienced the professional, caring attitude of Dr. LoCascio and his wonderful staff. He crafted a detailed plan that sounded daunting, expensive and would take a year to implement, but I had renewed hope! In April of 2007 I had surgery to remove my remaining lower teeth, infected bone, and to place 4 dental implants. Following an appropriate time of healing, a titanium bar and full lower denture was made to fit over my dental implants. Everything went as planned! In the years since, I have had absolutely no problems! I now have a beautiful smile and my dentures that fit like natural teeth. I love my implants and dentures. They are solid as a rock! I visit Dr. LoCascio and his staff routinely for check-ups and preventive dental cleanings. I can say, without a doubt, my treatment was worth every penny spent. I just wish I had found Dr. LoCascio years ago! You are in the best of hands!
Cathy Adams
Etowah, Tennessee



I experienced substantial dental problems as a result of unsuccessful orthodontic work many years ago.  I was finally referred to Dr. Steven LoCascio, a dental specialist. The treatment provided by him has resulted in a significant dental improvement for me.  I would recommend him and his entire team for Prosthodontic care.

Bill Vines
Knoxville, Tennessee

As I near the completion of an extensive dental implant procedure, I cannot say enough about the entire team at East Tennessee Prosthodontics. Everyone, especially Dr. LoCascio, has been friendly, compassionate and very competent throughout the entire process.

It was unfortunate that in 2011, I started treatment with another dentist in another state. This was a very negative experience, since I remained in constant pain for many months. The result was a severe inability to eat.

Upon arriving in Tennessee, I visited an oral surgeon who explained to me that I would require the expertise of Dr. LoCascio, a prosthodontist.
On my first visit with Dr. LoCascio, he provided a detailed solution to my ongoing problems. I now had hope. As my dental care progressed, I became amazed at the intricacies of my treatment. This experience has been life changing for me. I can once again enjoy a meal without pain or embarrassment. My smile and confidence have both been restored.

Thank you, Dr. LoCascio and all the wonderful people that work with you. I will always remain very grateful for your ability to change such a heart wrenching experience into a success!

Rita Wilson
Crossville, TN

I became a patient of Dr. LoCascio following trauma that left me with a broken jaw and a severely damaged bite. After wire removal I was left with a mouth that did not function – I could barely open my mouth, nor could I eat solid food for several months. Numerous visits to my oral surgeon had given me two referrals for repair and cosmetics. The first doctor gave me a treatment plan that included starting work immediately and crowning most of my teeth and a removable bridge. My second visit was to Dr. LoCascio, who agreed that I should have braces to straighten as much as possible before prosthodontic treatment began, and we would then see what treatment was best.

Immediately I had faith in this doctor who would let a potential customer walk out the door for three years of orthodontic treatment rather than treat immediately. After the braces came off, I was back for the long course of implants, temporary crowns, and final crowns. During my treatment came the discovery that I also needed tissue grafts and root canals, and he referred me to a periodontist and endodontist that were as skilled and professional as he. Whenever I’ve been to other dental professionals they look at my teeth and ask, “Wow-who did this work?”

The office staff are also top-notch professionals who worked with me on my many medical forms, scheduling conflicts, and answered my thousands of questions patiently. It has been four years since my final reconstructive visit, and although due to an accident, Dr. LoCascio has become my permanent dentist for regular dental care.

After five years of not smiling, I am now proud to show off my pearly whites in any photo.

Thank you Dr. LoCascio and Staff

Knoxville, Tennessee


More than 13 years ago, my family dentist attempted multiple crowns for me. During the process, my bite was lost which resulted in severe pain and TMJ symptoms. My prayers were answered when I found Dr. Steven LoCascio. He fixed my bite and gave me a beautiful and pain free smile. I have remained pain free and return to see Dr. LoCascio and his dental hygienist every six months for routine checkups and dental cleanings.

Lenoir City, Tennessee