You might be wondering why a dentist or doctor in the East Tennessee area would refer a patient to a prosthodontist or other specialist. Wouldn’t that be the same as giving business away?

The short answer is no. The East Tennessee Prosthodontics team helps other dentists and specialists provide the best possible care for their patients by taking on the patients and procedures that our strategic partners don’t want to do themselves.

Over the past decade, we’ve talked with many dentists who simply don’t like treating patients with specific needs, expectations, or clinical complexity. General dentists have certain areas that they enjoy and excel in, and others that they don’t.

One pair of dentures might be easy to fabricate, but the next is like looking at the peak of Everest from base camp. The technical challenges posed by some cases of physical trauma or even a certain individual’s unreasonably high and emotionally charged expectations are often enough to give the most seasoned and competent doctor second thoughts.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation and proceeded with treatment only to end up with “Doctor’s Remorse”?

These cases can exhaust you and your staff. They cost your practice more money than they make, and you grit your teeth every time that patient shows up on caller ID! Send those patients to us. Let us deal with your most difficult diagnoses. You won’t lose money on redo’s, adjustments, and post-treatment complications, and you and your staff will be free to focus on your “sweet spots,” such as your favorite patients and predictable, money-making procedures.

If you want to avoid Doctor’s Remorse AND provide everyone who walks through your door with a positive experience, or if you’d like to know more about how a prosthodontist might, on occasion, supplement your practice and help you offer the highest level of care then call 865-769-0886 and let’s figure out how we can partner together.