Do people compliment your smile?

Over the past decade, teeth whitening has become quite popular. You can’t turn on the television without seeing a commercial for one of the name brand products, and you’ve probably have even tried some of them.

The problem with so-called solutions sold over-the-counter is that they can take a long time to work, and the results may be short-lived.

That’s where East Tennessee Prosthodontics comes in. We use a mild and safe bleaching process to restore your teeth to their original, natural, healthy color. If your stained or discolored teeth make you self-conscious, then we can help. Our procedure utilizes custom-fabricated trays to deliver prescription strength solutions. These solutions help remove the discoloration that comes from tobacco use and certain beverages, including coffee, tea, soft drinks and red wine.

If you’ve been frustrated by other unproven and ineffective marketing-driven whitening products, then maybe you should consult with a prosthodontist. The East Tennessee Prosthodontics team will determine whether custom-fabricated trays, medical grade whitening gel, or another cosmetic procedure is best for you.

Professional whitening is a safe, quick, and easy answer to discoloration from extrinsic stains. In fact, many patients see results within a few days or weeks of treatment! Depending on the original color of your teeth and some of the other factors mentioned above, you’ll probably need a touch-up occasionally to keep your teeth looking their absolute best.

Your new bright white smile is waiting. Call East Tennessee Prosthodontics at 865-769-0886 for more information.