Many of us associate dentures with aging relatives, an aunt or an uncle or a grandparent who kept his or her “teeth” in a glass on the table or used them to play tricks on the kids.  There have been significant changes in denture prosthetics in recent decades. Today, well-made dentures can be durable, functional, comfortable, and very natural looking. The fact is that dentures aren’t just for the elderly!

Missing or rotting teeth resulting from improper hygiene, aging, disease, diet, and trauma to the mouth, can all affect appearance, speech and function. Tooth loss contributes to bone loss, and bone loss can make wearing dentures a challenge. Continued bone loss makes wearing dentures progressively more difficult. Fewer teeth occupying space in the mouth can also change facial features, and the weakening or loosening of facial muscles can cause premature “aging”.

Here’s the good news: these problems and issues are treatable.

Frustrated with dentures that don’t fit? Tired of experiencing pain when you try to eat? Embarrassed by a denture that looks like a denture? Looking for a solution for those continued denture problems?

Most dentists make dentures the old-fashioned way, but at East Tennessee Prosthodontics, we fabricate denture prostheses with a specialized technique to help maximize treatment results. We use an array of quality materials, but our unique process, tailored to your specific needs, is what really enhances the final outcome. Dentures may never be an exact replacement for natural teeth, but many patients do find in dentures the perfect solution to hopeless tooth decay or loss. In many cases, dentures provide a more affordable and predictable alternative to extensive restorative dental treatments.

Effective treatment always starts with a careful assessment of your mouth’s unique anatomy. The ETP team will study the volume of remaining jaw bone, the quality of the gum tissue, and muscle function, and in some cases, we will recommend the removal of the few remaining original teeth in order to better fit you with the high-quality dentures.

If you have lost teeth, you know how things most people take for granted can become everyday challenges. However, fully customizable partial or complete dentures can improve speech, chewing, and appearance and create ease and comfort in daily activities. Quality dentures make you look younger, not older!

Enjoy that next meal or social gathering with family, friends, or business associates without embarrassment. A well-made denture will be a relief and less trouble than you might think.

If you are searching for a way to reclaim that great confident smile then call (865) 769-0886 today to see if new dentures are right for you. After all, it’s your smile, and you deserve it.