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Do you have unhealthy teeth?

A healthy mouth and attractive teeth represent more than just a nice reflection in the mirror. They represent a boost in confidence, better self-image, and stronger first impressions, and if you’ve ever suffered from chronic problems associated with your teeth, gums, or jaw, then you know too well the surge of hope that comes before [...]

We have good news for you.

ETP doesn’t believe in lost causes or unsolvable dilemmas. In fact, we have a consistent track record of amazing outcomes, and as an experienced prosthodontist, Dr. LoCascio specializes in procedures and techniques that regular dentists avoid. If you’re in pain or if other dental treatments have been unsuccessful, there may still be hope. You [...]

What’s the best veneers?

The Best Brand Name Dental Veneers Available in Knoxville, Tennessee. We frequently have clients asking about different brand Veneers on the market and which is the best. Our answer is this: If you ask an artist which paint makes the best artwork, oil or acrylic? The answer is the same: both are great, or both [...]

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